Medical Equipment Production

FMS EL team was created with the aim to produce medical devises with European standards, responding to the needs of time for branded, quality and certified products.
Having years of professional experience and following the moderns trends and needs of the time, in combination with technological developments, today proceeds dynamically, in the production of the highest quality disposable, 3ply surgical masks (in Greece), complying with the European Community directive and standards, authorized by the “Greek National Organization of Medicines (E.O.F)”.

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Company Philosophy

Meeting the need of the time for branded mask use for real protection, serving society in the best way. The company’s goal is mainly social: The real protection of the population worldwide is the basic principle of our philosophy.

Compliance with European Standards

Protection of the Population

Professional Experience


ECO Friendly


The disposable, 3 layer of non woven material, surgical masks, produced in our premises, are classified as Type I and Type II, according to EN 14683:2019 +ΑC in terms of Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE). The adjustable laminate plate together with the ear support rubbers, provide superior fit on the nose and the ear, aiming to the utmost protection from the penetration of unfiltered air.
The main and most important characteristic of our masks is the top quality, their compliance with the Regulations of the European Community “based on the Community Directive 93/42 and fall under the jurisdiction of the “Greek National Organization for Medicine (E.O.F.)”. Thanks to these features, they can cover every need, being a safe and reliable choice in Greece, in the European Union and worldwide.

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